5 Reasons Safety Warning Signages Fail

High voltage signageSafety warning signage plays a vital role in commercial and industrial settings. Getting it wrong in any seemingly negligible way could defeat its purpose, and can even bring injuries and fatalities. Here are costly mistakes you should avoid when buying safety warning signs:

Vague Messaging

Many warning signs fail because they contain incomplete information. Ambiguity can compromise their ability to warn readers of the impending danger. The best ones ensure communication. They’re specific about the hazards present in the environment and the precautions people should observe to stay out of harm’s way. To prevent information overload, supplement the text with a visual.

Unthoughtful Design

Every element of your safety warning signage must be well thought out. An incorrect color, a poorly chosen font, and minimal spacing can hurt affect the way the eye perceives information. Make sure your signs are easy to read at all times.

Bad Location

The only thing worse than lacking safety signs is having safety signs that are not placed properly. Your signage must always be located at an optimum viewing distance from the hazard. This way, it can be seen from a normal point of approach and give people enough time to respond before encountering the potential danger.

Wrong Material

Material matters. Some options cost more not because they’re fancy, but rather they can last longer. The signs that fail early are those that tend to look old in a short period. As every material has its own set of properties, think about the environment when making a decision. For instance, choose a corrosion-proof signage material in areas high in harsh elements.

Poor Maintenance

Even the toughest signage materials need some TLC occasionally. Without meeting the maintenance requirements of your signs, they could prematurely wear out.

Warning signages are the key to a safer commercial and industrial space. Seek the guidance of experienced sign specialists to use the right signage solution for your property.