4 Tips on Choosing the Right Equipment for Your Spa

Woman enjoying spa treatment

So, you’re finally opening your own spa. You’ve chosen your location, your brand name, and logo and now you’re down to choosing the right equipment that will fit your business needs. For one, choosing the best spa equipment supplier is a big decision to make. Top Spa Supply should know.

Another big decision is choosing the right equipment that fits your services, and that’s durable enough to last. You wouldn’t want any defects that could endanger your business, or worse, your clients. So, here are four tips to guide you in choosing the right equipment for your spa needs.

1. Determine what your services will be.

Some spas offer the whole nine yards, from nail treatments to full body scrubs. And the more services you offer, the more equipment you may need. So, finalize your list of services first before even looking for equipment suppliers.

2. Consider the size of your location.

In the spa industry, size matters — for your location, that is. Most spa equipment is bulky and will need a lot of space to keep your client’s privacy.

3. Read reviews, especially bad ones.

Most equipment suppliers are already online. That means their products will have ratings and reviews as well. You should not neglect them. It can save you a lot of time and effort if you saw that a product had more bad reviews than good.

4. Attend a trade show.

Spa equipmentTrade shows are a great and easy way to see which suppliers you can trust. You’ll have a lot of vendors to choose from with products you can test right then and there. They also offer discounts and can immediately answer any questions you may have about their products.

Remember that clients will be choosing your spa to relax and take away the stress that their daily grind has burdened them with. Make sure that happens by choosing equipment that’ll both work for you and for your clients.