4 Strategies to Leverage Social Media and Grow Your Dental Practice

Dental ClinicSocial media is now a potent tool for many marketers and business owners. Dentists can use this platform to grow their practice and get more patients. Social media is accessible and mostly free to use, but using it to attract clients can be challenging. The process requires careful research, planning and implementation.

Marketing professionals cite some effective social media strategies for dental practices.

Video Marketing

Videos are influential and effective marketing tools. You get to display how a treatment goes, from the first step to the last. This puts potential patients at ease because they know what to expect from the treatment they want to get. This strategy takes time, effort and maybe even professional editors and videographers.

Even a one-minute video can provide all the information a client needs. A video is also search engine friendly; Google likes multimedia and ranks high quality and informative videos high on results pages.

Google Authorship

Google Authorship is a product that allows users to claim the content they publish on different domains and connect it with their profile on Google+. When the results come out, it will have a link to your profile and profile picture instead of a plain summary and text link of the content. With this, you improve traffic to your social accounts and website.

Use Infographics

This type of content uses visual representation to convey the maximum amount of information in one image. You can present facts about treatments, procedures and appliances to your potential clients, just like what Dominate Dental does. When you share infographics on your social media accounts, you can create buzz about your practice and pique the interest of potential patients.

Traditional Guest Posting

Guest posting is still a viable option for those who want to grow their business and extend their patient reach. Post an article, infographics or video on another practitioner’s page or website. These pieces of content allow you to build links, get more patients and increase website traffic.

These are only a handful of social media practices that you can use to grow your dental business. They are viable strategies that allow you to increase traffic, generate interest and communicate with your patients. Browse online for more marketing tips and ideas.