4 Interesting Asian Wedding Customs You Don’t Know

Wedding Venues In SingaporeAre you thinking of pulling off a Katy Perry and getting married in India? Are you invited to a wedding in Asia? Are you curious how the Asians celebrate their wedding?

Every country is made unique by the culture and traditions it celebrates. For Asians, weddings are a huge part of their lives they tend to follow age-old customs:

1. All-out Party in India

If there is one Asian country that knows what a wedding party is, it is India. A typical wedding celebration lasts for three days and includes activities like henna tattoo sessions. It is also a community affair with possibly hundreds of attendees. It is not surprising Indian weddings are costly.

2. Early Meals in Malay Weddings

While most caterers lay out food on the day of the reception, vendors in Malay wedding venues in Singapore do it a day before. It is customary among relatives who cannot attend the actual 10-hour ceremony to drop by at night and eat.

3. Bridesmaids for Hire in China

Nobody takes the role of a bridesmaid more seriously than the women in China do. Not only are they makeup artists, they are also expected to do things the bride can’t such as drinking rice wine. Recently, becoming a bridesmaid in the country has become dangerous many brides opt to hire professionals.

4. Multiple Speakers in Japan

The Japanese may be known for being reserved, but they are not when they are at weddings. During the reception, most of them will form a queue to give their well wishes and personal stories of love and marriage to the new couple.

Although Asian weddings have become more modern through the years, many still prefer to follow their customs. Some may be influenced by their parents, but most simply want to preserve these traditions. After all, following them may help enhance the success of their marriage.