4 Factors that Make Print Signage Important in the Digital Age

Adult Learning about technology

Adult Learning about technologyThe newspaper industry’s slow death is a great symbol of print marketing’s struggle in an era of computer and smartphones. According to a report, the newspaper advertising market in Australia was only worth $2.4 billion in 2016, a sharp 40 percent decline in just a span of five years.

Despite digital media’s dominance, there are still features of print that technology-heavy applications cannot duplicate. If you have a business and are thinking about putting up signs to attract customers, you might have thought twice about their effectiveness. But here are four factors that make print signs relevant up to this day.

The Message is Key

Your medium means very little if you do not have a good message to relay in the first place. Moreover, just because LED signs and TV screens are in trend, it does not automatically means they are better. It is all about knowing your target audience and how you can effectively communicate with them through print advertising.


Print signage is not just a combination of texts and images on a screen that will disappear if you pull the plug off a machine. Print ads are not momentary like LED signs; instead, they are physical items that provide brands with consistent visibility. Eurotech suggests that you keep your signage secure with a key to keep vandals from stealing it protects it from extreme weather conditions.

Personal Approach

As opposed to screens, print signage is more personal. Receiving letters and vouchers in the mail, for example, will make customers feel that you value them. This will help with customer loyalty and retention.

Rare as a Diamond

With the obvious decline of print signage, you tend to pay more attention to them because they are already rare in a technology-heavy environment. This gives print marketing an advantage because people will take the time to read your message.

Digital signs and marketing are here to stay, but print signage offers a more personal and concrete marketing approach that digital signage cannot duplicate. A good combination of both, however, can boost your online and offline presence.