4 Cool Ways to Widen Your Marketing Funnel

Marketing StrategyEvery great business is focused on increasing its market reach and improving on sales. Widening your net and streamlining how you convince each contact you make is key to improving your conversion. The widen-and-streamline the marketing funnel concept is a must-know for every entrepreneur, strategic manager, and marketing expert.

Improve on Brand Awareness

This is the first step to widening your marketing funnel. The more the people see and hear of your product the higher the chances of getting them interested. You could hire a promotional products artist in Melbourne to help you create promotional products like:

  • Branded T-Shirts
  • Branded stationery
  • Branded presents to give during a promotional event

Engage Your Audience in Contests

Running contests with the possibility of a reward is a great way to creating hype around your brand and product. The increased interaction pushes more people to the very top of your marketing funnel, hence increasing the effective audience that trickles out to the bottom of the funnel.

Targeting the Right Audience

It’s one thing to widen your funnel. It’s another to widen it in the right direction. Filtering your marketing efforts to ensure that you engage your target demographic increases the chances of convincing the new audience to do business with you.

This begins with identifying your target audience and knowing where to find it. This will also help you identify what appeals to the target audience and ensure that any of the promotional products you create actually appeals to the audience.

Choose Your Promotion Times Well

Time is as important as targeting the right people. Matching your promotional idea and branded products to the season or current events will help you gain a better foothold in the market. The modern day audience loves a business that is updated and interesting. You could use this to your advantage.

Partnering with a creative design and branding agency will help you push your campaign to its limits. It is all you need to gain more foothold in your market.