3 Ways Organise Your Workstation and Boost Your Productivity

Woman working on Her Computer DeskAs much as possible, employers discourage working overtime. For employees, working overtime means extending the usual workweek without the proper compensation. In Australia, it was discovered that in a week, average full-time worker spends and extra six hours of unpaid overtime, roughly losing about $9,471 in a year.

One way to reduce overtime and to achieve a more suitable work-life balance is to increase workplace productivity. As you step into your office, manage your time efficiently and start working — without the usual distractions. As you sit and stand on your adjustable workstation, start decluttering and work your way to a more efficient, eight-hour shift. Here are some ways to organise your workspace and increase your productivity:

1. Declutter

The first step to an organised mind is an organised workspace. In this technological age, make the most of storage apps and store important documents online. Empty, shred, and remove all unnecessary papers and items on your desk. Keep only the urgent and necessary ones to avoid distraction.

2. Organise

Now, it’s time to organise your workspace. Put your papers and supplies on shelves and label them correctly. Labelling your folders, shelves, or boxes can help your store important documents and lessen the risk of losing important supplies. Do the same for your office desktop. Imagine the minutes you’ll waste looking for an important document underneath a messy, disorganised workspace.

3. Keep It Clean

So you’ve managed to throw the unnecessary and organised the important. What’s next? Have the discipline to keep it clean. Being able to move, sit, and stand to a clean station would give you the clarity and focus you need to work efficiently. Make sure to have a trash can ready at your side.

Having an organised workstation can make you sit, stand, and move freely and confidently. This can help you be more efficient at work and without the need to overtime.