3 Unlikely Causes of Poor Academic Performance

School in DubaiMany parents are blamed for their children’s bad academic performance, not caring to look into the underlying causes.Many parents make the mistake of thinking that their involvement in their child’s education ends at paying the school fee. By limiting your participation in your child’s education, you fail to recognise the problem and address the issues.

Tight work schedules and a dozen other responsibilities lower your ability to follow up on your child’s academic performance. However, the cause for a dismal performance run deeper and would need a considerable amount of effort to surmount.

Being in the wrong school

Your child’s performance is likely to suffer if the school sets low standards and the teaching staffs lack a real motivation to mentor students. Poor teaching practices including a high level of absenteeism among the teachers only serve to lower the academic performance of the school and by extension, your child’s. Therefore, you should keep abreast of the school’s progress and reputation to be on the safe side.

Low self-esteem

Teenagers are susceptible to public opinion, peer pressure and other situations that could lead to a severe dent on their self-confidence. Without proper guidance, such a child loses all self-worth, and it reflects in every aspect of their life. While such a problem might persist unnoticed in regular schools in Dubai, teachers in the best international school in Dubai latch onto it as soon as it starts. Consequently, they find the underlying cause of the matter long before the issue runs out of control.

Poor learning technique

Effective learning techniques go way beyond staring at a book for a long time and hoping that you retain some information. There is an art to reading a book to ferret out concepts, glean the underlying idea and anchoring the information in your brain. Without learning the proper techniques, the most enthusiastic of readers only manage dismal grades at best, regardless of how much work they put in.

Although learning is a complicated process, a proper mode of instruction and elimination of certain pitfalls makes for a relatively smooth experience.