3 Things to Consider When Planning for Your Future Funeral

Funeral Service

Funeral pre-planning is becoming more accepted and appreciated worldwide. While no one likes to think about their own passing, planning your own funeral will ensure that things will go the way that you would like them.

Most importantly, you can spare your loved ones the strain and stress of going through this delicate process. Golden Leaves International has provided professional and compassionate funeral plans for expats living in Portugal, Spain, and Cyprus.

They say there are three important considerations in the funeral pre-planning process. They are as follows:

Type of Service

The two primary types of service are memorial and traditional funerals. Funerals take place soon after the death with the remains nearby or on-site.

A memorial service is typically held later without the remains on the venue. Although either can be as formal or casual as you prefer, memorial services tend to be more informal than funerals.

Burial Preferences

Family members often find it difficult to choose between a traditional burial and cremation after the death of a loved one. For this reason, it is important to include burial instructions in your plan. A funeral home staff should walk you through your options and even help you choose a type of casket.

You can also provide the epitaph inscribed on your tombstone. If you prefer cremation, you can leave instructions on where you want your loved ones to place your ashes — in a cremation niche or dispersed at a specific location, for instance.

Personal Touches

Whatever service you select, there’s always room for a personal touch. From the foods served at the reception to photos printed on the programs, you can customize your plan up to the tiniest details.

Thinking about death right now can be uncomfortable, but making pre-arrangements for funerals will help those who you leave behind. This will give your family more time to heal and remember the times you shared together.