3 Recycling Habits You Should Adopt This Year

Garbage collector at workIf you’re trying to lower your household waste, there are still many ways you can reuse, recycle, and reduce wastes. Here are three more recycling habits you should adopt this year to lower your carbon footprint.

Save and sell your scrap metal

Many shops offer recycling of scrap metal in various cities. Don’t throw those old copper and iron pots and pans just yet. You can sell your old telly, air conditioners, aluminium gutters, stainless steel silverware, dyers, metal shelves, iron patio furniture, old iron chairs and tables.

These also include little items such as screws, nuts and bolts for some cold, hard cash. You can also sell old car parts and batteries at scrap metal recycling shops instead of just throwing them in the garbage.

Stop buying bottled water

One of the simplest and best recycling habits you can adopt this year is to bring your own water bottle. Moreover, instead of using paper cups for your morning takeout coffee, you can even bring your own thermal mug, and you can even score some discount at some coffee shops.

It’s very simple but it goes a long way, and Mother Earth will thank you for it a thousand fold.

Use dishrags in your kitchen

Those paper towels are cheap, but it can add up. Instead of using paper towels and even though they are eco-friendly, you can use dishrags instead. Just wash and reuse. In the long run, you will save some serious cash without knowing it. It’s easy and environment-friendly!

Being Green is Easy

When it comes to being green, there are many simple ways when done well, goes a long way to saving the planet and your household budget. Try these tips this year and see how much you’ll save in a month! Happy recycling!