3 Reasons You’d Want Your Own Computer Repair Company

man repairing laptop

Did you know that Apple’s brand value is a whopping AUD 418.40 billion? In Australia alone, iPhone users account for about 45% of all smartphone users in the country. On a global level, the MacBook laptops also fared way better in sales than any of the major Windows-running laptops.

All these should already tell you how powerful Apple is, both as a company and as a product. But like any other electronic device, iPhones and Macs aren’t immortal.

That’s where you can come in. By owning a phone and computer repair company dealing with Apple users’ woes and worries, you have the potential to enjoy a slice of the pie. Here are three of the top reasons you’d want a business offering such services.

1. Long list of potential customers

About nine in every 10 connected household in the Oz use desktop computers (PCs) or laptops. Furthermore, 91% of connected households also use smartphones or mobile devices.

With so many computer, laptop, and mobile device owners in the nation, you can already see how big your potential market is. Yes, Apple has a strong reputation for high-performing and long-lasting devices. But they are still machines, and they would still need servicing or repair at one point.

2. These technological devices are here to stay

Let’s face it. Every year brings quite the long list of new desktop computers, laptops, and other mobile devices. That’s because these computing machines have become such an integral part of human life that for many, life without them is almost impossible.

At the same time, not everyone can keep upgrading their gadgets every time a new one comes out. You can help them maximise the use of their existing ones, by offering top quality phone and repair services.

3. Franchising opportunities are available

You don’t have to start from scratch to open your new phone and computer repair shop. You can become a business owner through a franchise. Best of all, it comes with much lower initial and overhead costs, and you already get everything you need for much less capital.

So, as early as now, start exploring your phone and computer service franchising options. The sooner you own one, the earlier the profits will roll in.