3 Reasons to Consider Videotaping Depositions

video shoot

Depositions are important for lawyers when they need to defend a case for their clients. These could be in the form of a witness statement before trial or under oath and can be verbal. The proceedings are also essential in building a case.

Phoenixdepositionservices.com notes that recording the depositions on a videotape with the help of court reporters has been a great tool for many cases for the following reasons:

1. Videos are Relevant

Regardless of the size of the case or the issue in discussion, videos offer an invaluable chance to evaluate the testimony of a witness. The testimony of any witness is critical to the direction that a case will take. Do you know that even a shut case can be opened if there is a video that supports it? Watching the tape will help do away with doubts in the mind of a judge and translate to the victory of a case.

2. Videos are Revealing

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so you can imagine what a video equals to. The video will reveal the testimony of the witness and the manner in which they deliver their words. You can view certain elements, such as body language, facial expressions, and tone variation in a tape. Combining the multiple elements will give more details on the issue at hand and help validate a case. The absence of a video means you cannot access the clues that would lead to finding the truth.

3. Videos Deliver Concise Details

If a case is lengthy, it can get boring for the jury and affect the outcome of the judgment. A video, however, is interesting to watch; therefore, allowing judges to pick essential points from the witness without too much effort from the attorney.

Taking video depositions with the help of professionals offers many advantages that an attorney could use to win a case. While many lawyers may shy away from the idea, the convenience and accuracy of statements that the recordings will offer are worth the investment.