3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Waste Management Company

Homeowners and businesses in search of waste management assistance need to do more than simply ensure that their garbage is hauled off their premises. It pays to not only follow your local government’s policies on waste management but also ensure that you play an active role in protecting the environment.

Below are three questions you should ask when searching for reliable waste collection and recycling services.

How do they dispose of the garbage?

As a property or business owner, you have a moral responsibility to find out where your trash ends up. Ideal providers of waste collection services such as LKM Recycling will ensure that recyclable garbage ends up in recycling firms. They will also have the required permits to access particular landfills for non-recyclable waste.

How do they manage the different kinds of waste?

Homes and businesses generate various types of waste. How these waste types are handled highly depends on the values of the company providing waste management solutions. Top specialists will provide different bins to match various waste streams. This ensures easier disposal and assists in safeguarding the environment.

Do they have an environmental regulation license?

As a business, perhaps one that generates considerable amounts of hazardous waste, dealing with a legal tussle related to improper waste management could be a hard blow to your company. It could taint your reputation, and you could face the risk of losing your business license.

Therefore, working only with a waste removal service provider that is licensed by your local Department of Environmental Regulation is imperative. Licensed companies can be personally held accountable for their practices.

You must consider all these factors before you choose the waste management specialists to hire. Ask about their garbage removal schedules and get to know the rates that apply. It is also important to ascertain that the professionals will help promote cleanliness within your site.