3 Popular School Chairs

Student studying in a classroom

Chairs should make life easier for the user. It can be surprising how much comfort can go a long way to boost your mood, well-being, and performance. That means that you should be very keen while choosing any piece of furniture, more so school furniture.

Chairs for school are no exception, as they should be comfortable enough to serve their purpose. You will find different designs made from various materials. From plastic to wood and even metal, school chairs come in diverse forms.

Below is a list of some of the types that are trending in the market:

Smiley School Chairs

These cute and colourful chairs are perfect for kindergartners. Their smiley face or cartoon designs are distinctive features that grab kids’ attention.

Height Adjusting Desk Chair

Just as the name suggests, these types of chairs come with an adjustable desk. While mostly used in high schools, they are suitable for all ages. Height would not be a factor as they are adjustable. These chairs can either be plastic or metal.

Spider School Chair

The most outstanding characteristic of this chair is its long legs. This makes them easy to stack, helping to save space. Its backrest is usually made of wood, while the legs are long metal rods. These long legs also make them ideal for the taller students.

While choosing school chair, the most important factors to consider are durability, comfort, and functionality. You can always choose the design according to space or the age group of the students who are going to use them. Height adjusting chairs, for example, may be good for classrooms or libraries but may be unsuitable for use in lecture halls due to their heaviness.