3 Must-Dos to Make the Most Out of a Modest Trade Show Budget

A trade fair eventTrade fairs can be an excellent opportunity to uncover new leads and expand existing clientele because they’re a gathering of people motivated to solve their unique business challenges, which your product or service may address. However, with the limited space, saturation of competitors and over-stimulating atmosphere, trade shows can also become an expensive time waster.

Preparing for a trade show well in advance can help you stretch your limited budget. Here are a few preparatory strategies to help you limit costs associated with a trade fair exhibit.

Prepare the Best Swag

Like it or not, trade show goers come for the swag. You can draw unexpected guests with attractive sponsorship items. You may even consider an extra-large premium reusable bag that becomes a functional must-have to survive a trade show. You can forego business cards but don’t forget to engage a company that specialises in custom brochure printing to prepare a brochure about your product or service so that trade show attendees have something to refer back to.

Get Your Own Intel

Make sure you attend a trade fair held in the same venue where your next trade fair will be hosted. Scope out the strategic booth locations that you think you should book for your company. Find a corner booth near the entrance or any interesting landmark that you feel will generate impressive foot traffic. Scope out existing exhibitor setups and gimmicks. Study exhibits that generate the most interest.

Plan for a One-of-a-Kind Exhibit

Don’t just settle for a few posters, a rectangular table and a fishbowl for business cards. Create an eye-catching exhibit with cohesive and graphic details that give a memorable impression to trade show goers. You can commission logos, banners and posters from freelance graphic artists. However, don’t depend on your printed collaterals alone. Consider creating a professional video to display on a big screen so that people can passively view what your company is about.

Make a small trade show budget work and stand out to gain new customers with the right preparations. Try out these tips and strategies to maximise your time, energy and money spent on a trade fair to expand your business.