3 Mirror Tricks That Will Make Your Home Brighter & Larger

Big Mirror

Mirrors are extremely functional especially when you’re decorating your home. Most interior designers consider mirrors as the handiest decoration because of the number of designs you could experiment it with.

It has the power to brighten up any room and could make small space look bigger than it is. That’s why if you’re looking into redecorating your place without going through major renovation, using this piece is just a great solution. There are plenty of ideas you could try and to show you a few tricks, here are some of them.

The Centre of Attraction

Instead of making the mirror as part of the design, why not create an inspiration around it. Work out an interior that will highlight this feature of your home. It’s a fresh and exciting way of decorating with mirrors. This idea works perfectly in your living area especially if you’re tired of seeing the same concept in this particular area of your abode.

Mirror, Mirror as the Wall

Hanging mirrors on the wall is a fairly popular idea to spice things up a little bit in your place. However, if you’re tired of following the same scheme over and over again, then why not make the mirrors your wall. It’s unique yet refreshing. Aside from its originality, you’ll enjoy the illusion of space and light it’ll reflect all throughout your space.

Mirrors in Shapes & Curves

Another great decorating trick you could try with this handy piece is to use a variety of them in different shapes, colours, and sizes. You’ll find numerous types of mirrors in Auckland so it wouldn’t be that hard to put something out of it. You just need to use a little bit of your mix n’ match skill to come up with the best combination.

The use of mirrors in your home’s design can bring a new life into your place. You could try and experiment with as many ideas as you can to see what will work best for your home. You just need to render a bit of your time and energy to put them together.