3 Metrics to Monitor to Improve Site Performance

Business Website

Business WebsiteThe last quarter of 2016 just arrived, and online marketers are now preparing for 2017. With technological advancements being made faster than ever, it’s important to keep up if you want your business website to maintain and improve its online presence. Here are some online metrics you need to take a closer look into to improve your website and make sure everything is SEO-friendly.

Site Usability

Site usability pertains to effectively making call-to-actions when a user finishes reading your content or browsing through webpages. The more usable your site is, the more time people will spend browsing. In Google Analytics, the Pages/Session segment should be as high as possible, especially if you are running campaigns. SEO companies in Perth such as Viper Online Marketing can help you monitor and improve site usability.

Traffic by Device

More and more people are now using mobile devices over desktop computers because they are accessing websites on-the-go. Monitoring how much traffic you’re getting via different devices is important because the user experience is very different for each of them. Mobile-friendliness and load speed are big factors that affect SEO rankings. You must observe mobile-specific analytics to know if there are usability problems and fix them as soon as possible.

Crawl Data

Crawl data give you an idea as to how Google (and other search engines) crawl your site. More effective campaigns and higher quality links will prompt Google to crawl your site more frequently. Other factors that improve crawl data include great user-experience, engaging content, higher conversion rates, and time users spend browsing your website. When tracking crawl stats, you need to make sure that:

  • Downloading a page should take as little time as possible. If there is a sudden spike in load time, you should determine which impacted it and address it quickly.
  • The more pages are crawled, the more frequent your content is being indexed. If there is a sudden drop, you need to get rid of crawl errors that are causing it.

Measure these three factors to help you improve your online marketing efforts in 2017.