3 Key Ingredients of a Successful Advertisement

Ad AgencyWhat makes an advertisement effective? Is it the image that draws people in? Is it the words that makes them wonder? Is it the product that makes them crave? Is it the message that makes them feel? Is it the moment that they see or recognise it? Is it the combination of all of those? Every business owner and ad man has their own version of creating an effective ad, but here are some key ingredients that won’t go missing in any of their formulas.


An effective ad should be simple. It isn’t a movie that touches many subjects or a blog post that contains multiple points. The simpler your ad is, the better people will understand and relate to it. Every time you come up with an ad, make sure you have a subject or a focal point in mind. This way, your audience will know what story you’re trying to tell and remember the product, service, or event you’re promoting.


What is a strong and effective ad if people can’t remember what brand it is selling? Aside from the message you’re going for, you must also highlight your brand in an ad. Work with your trusted Melbourne ad agency like Sphere closely so you could come up with well-branded ads that use similar mnemonic devices. This way, people can recognise that it’s your brand because of your consistent tone.


An effective ad knows its target audience. One thing can be relatable to a group of person, but doesn’t do anything to another. Take into account the industry you’re in and your target audience to come up with ideas that your kind of people could relate to. It can be humorous, touching, entertaining, inspiring, or thrilling. Just make sure it caters to the right kind of people.

Simplicity, branding, and relatability are three factors that should never be missing in an ad, whatever form it is. Think of every aspect several times until you find the right formula.