3 Handyman Jobs You Can Start Right Now

Man fixing an outletFrom simple patch-up jobs to home upgrades, there are many handyman jobs you can start right now to help you earn extra dough on the side. Suppose you have a handful of tools courtesy of the likes of HerrickIndustrial.com, Here are some suggestions and why you should take advantage of them right now.

Welding Jobs

Home welding jobs can range from creating wine racks to intricate ornaments. If you possess metalwork skills, consider accepting welding projects. You don’t even need to have your own welding machine. You can simply rent one when you need. Apart from welding machines, you can also rent soldering and drilling supplies, health and safety gear and other measuring instruments. Renting equipment help you lower your overhead costs.

Plumbing Jobs

Simple plumbing jobs such as fixing leaky faucets, clearing up clogged sinks and toilets and checking on cooling and heating systems can earn you some extra cash. If you’re quite handy with plumbing, why not offer your services to neighbors and friends?

Countertop Repairs

While there are refinishing kits available in the market for vinyl countertops, resurfacing chipped and broken ones need special equipment like sandblasters. And because sandblasters are potentially dangerous power tools, people typically hire experienced professionals to do the job. That professional could be you. Whether you rent or buy your own power tool, resurfacing countertops can become a lucrative sideline for you.

Your Skills Can Come In Handy

When it comes to simple home repairs, some people end up hiring people because they don’t have the time or the know-how. Take advantage of these opportunities to earn extra cash for handyman jobs. Remember, you don’t even need to buy your own equipment. You can simply rent the ones you need when you need them.