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Negotiate Better: Know How PBMs Make Money

April 30, 2015 Beyond its Purpose 0

Pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) offer a valuable service by reducing the cost of prescription drugs. They accomplish this through managing drug utilization, contracting with pharmacies, automating administrative services, and negotiating discounts of medication ingredients. They […]

Laptop for Online Banking
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The Truth About Online Banking

April 24, 2015 Beyond its Purpose 0

Banking is an important aspect in business operations. Through banks, businesspeople are able to carry out financial transactions. From safekeeping their income to funding loans, they need banks to back up their enterprise. Through technology, […]

Glass Balustrades

The Basics of Glass Balustrades

April 15, 2015 Beyond its Purpose 0

The house is made up of different parts, all essential. There are parts, however, that stand out, like the balustrades. This home fitting provides better safety and enhanced aesthetics, making your place more valuable. Balustrades […]